WEEK 6: The Sell-Side of Real Estate, Part 1

The better we serve our clients, the more likely it is we will get referrals from them. In Week 6, we jump into the sell-side of real estate, and discuss how to professionally serve every listing. When it comes to working with sellers, we will focus communications, establishing value, landing listing appointments, elevating our closing skills, and the difference between high achievers and average people.

Watch This: Win the Day, Know Your Why Minutes (35:15 – 40:00)

Watch This: Personal Perspectives — The Difference Between High Achievers and Average People? (4:40 – 10:00)

Watch This: Personal Growth — "How Do I Win?"

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  • How It Works: This class costs $800 for you to sign up. However, Rob splits the cost 50/50, and you will be reimbursed by the program on each of the first four deals you close.
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Schedule This: Weekly Accountability Check-ins

  • Check-ins are generally 15-30 minutes long. During this time we will review your understanding of this week's course material, review your goal numbers, and discuss any challenges you are facing.