WEEK 11: Working with Clients and Colleagues — Objectives, Strategies, Hints

As independent contractors, it's key to have a rigorous system to manage revenue and expenses and develop goal-and vision-setting techniques that help us in many aspects of our career.

You also need to know how to think like a "transaction coordinator," which means knowing how to bring a transaction from contract to close.  This is one area where performing in extraordinary ways will separate you from the ordinary agent.

  • Watch This: Go the Extra Mile

  • Watch This: How to Stay Motivated

  • Watch This: Post-Transaction Relationships

  • Watch This: Follow Up Like a Boss! Part 1

  • Watch This: Follow Up Like a Boss! Part 2

Watch This: How to Be the Person Who Makes Others' Lives Easier

What is BOLD?

  • How It Works: This class costs $800 for you to sign up. However, Rob splits the cost 50/50, and you will be reimbursed by the program on each of the first four deals you close.
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Weekly Accountability Check-ins are generally 15-30 minutes long. During this time we will review your understanding of this week's course material, review your goal numbers, and discuss any challenges you are facing.

  • 90-Day Goal Check
    • Effectively Capturing Buyer Needs
    • Conversion Ratio