Welcome to the Program!

Welcome to The Commodari Group’s Agent Training Program! I’m glad that you decided to join us to develop yourself as a high-octane real estate agent.

This program is a special type of development; it’s hardly a typical continuing education class.

Yes, there will be strategies to sell more real estate and increase your earnings.

Yes, there will be strategies for connecting with potential referral partners.

Yes, there will be strategies for overcoming objections and converting prospects to clients.

These topics will be discussed in detail, but these topics are side dishes, not the entrée. Rather, this course is designed to develop YOU in your personal, professional, and spiritual capacities.

During this 12-week training program, we will thoroughly equip you to be one of the highest producing real estate agents in your area. We will do so by developing foundational attitudes, habits, and standards that will carry you through your career.

More importantly, though, this program will train you to do three things: to love, to care for, and serve clients. When we care for our clients, when we genuinely show that we view them not merely as numbers and transactions, but as valuable people, we treat them differently, and our relationships become about more than just business.

That's invaluable because while you make look at buying and selling houses as your vocation, this is a critical juncture in a client’s life. It has meaning to them, and they need someone who understands how big a deal it is for them. When we understand and respect the nature of this life-altering transition, we become more empathetic, and that makes us better at our jobs.

This program is going to show you how to handle clients in such a fashion. This program will show you how to do things that will result in more business, more referrals, and higher commissions. But the strategies will not merely be superficial sales and rhetorical skills. If you choose to internalize our coursework, this program will create a fundamental transformation in how you relate to people, in general, and that will impact how you approach clients.

So what is the content of this course? We will have a total of 12 weeks of class material, and we will cover a lot of ground in that time. We'll start with housekeeping, important details to know how to manage. It's essential for you to nail those tasks from the very beginning so that you can begin to work on the things you need to learn by heart, and not just your head. So let's get started.

Breakdown of the Training Program

In Week 1, we will discuss our mission, vision, and values, and the strategies that enable us to effectively carry out those principles. These are the foundations of our business, the guiding principles that will help us make every important decision that needs to be made. In times of abundance, and in times of crisis, the mission, vision, and values will carry us forward into the future.

  • Individual and team goals
  • CRM setup and effectively managing the database (overview of CRM maker, FAQ’s)
  • Communicating your schedule to teammates and clients (scheduling apps & programs)
  • Effectively tracking financials (budgeting, record-keeping)
  • Mission, Vision, and Values (what each of these things do for who your business is)

In Week 2, we will discuss overcoming call objections, but not in an inauthentic fashion. Rather, we will explore ways of showing that we genuinely care about our clients, and will actively demonstrate our interest and concern for their well-being. We will demonstrate our value to prospective clients by showing our concern for them as people.

  • Setting SMART goals (Brian Buffini)
  • Explaining your “why”
  • Build a warm referral list (using your sphere of influence, How to Overcome Call Reluctance and Establish Value: Rob Video or Blog
  • Onboarding: Your first mailing
  • How to approach networking associations
  • Building an elevator pitch (five short, clear, concise messages)
  • Role-playing: working the fundamentals
  • Working by referral: video from Rob

In Week 3, we will delve into boundaries and standards.  An effective agent will have a strong internal sense of how to react in certain situations, and how to move forward in light of the various circumstances we will experience in everyday life. It will show the various ways we can effect change in our lives and workplace instead of casting blame in every direction. Sometimes that will involve conflict with coworkers, and proper boundaries and standards are necessary to turn those situations into opportunities for growth and the building of strong bonds.

  • Doing the unexpected extras (Brian Buffini)
  • Self-awareness and other awareness
  • Goal-setting: The 4-1-1 (one on one with Rob, then the 411 course)
  • Personal growth video by Rob: Boundaries and Standards

In Week 4, we will explore the role that phone calls play into our business, and how we can know what to do when on those calls. Sometimes when we are reaching out to people who are client leads, and we get into a phone conversation with them, it can be difficult to show that we know what we’re doing. During this week, we will show agent trainees how to deal with three primary areas: the known knowns, the known unknowns, and the unknown unknowns.

  • How to break bread with customers (Brian Buffini)
  • Role-play: Review the buyer manual
  • Showing agent training (how to be a showing agent, hook a buyer at open house, hold one) 
  • Preparing buyer consultation forms
  • Personal growth video by Rob: How many calls do you need to make?

In Week 5, we will discuss the attitudes and perspectives of successful and effective people. A major part of our success as agents is to ensure that our thinking is putting us on the path towards that success. When buying and selling properties, our perspective on the entire transaction will either hinder or advance us. Rob will demonstrate six specific perspectives that will make or break us in the long term. There is something that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary, and a great deal of that comes down to our perspectives.

  • The attitude of a peak producer (Brian Buffini)
  • Following up with reluctant buyers (on the fence, FORD technique)
  • Preparing an offer (what to know, the art of negotiation, dialogue practice)
  • What to ask about disclosures (like the flood insurance program)
  • Training for those who excel

Week 6 will be where we focus on demonstrating our value to a client at a listing appointment. During these sessions, we will ask the client five specific questions not about the property, but about the seller’s motivations. These five questions will help you determine the timeline, price, and obstacles in getting to closing. The entire process is effectively building a relationship, and it needs to be treated as such, with the intentionality and care that any construction project requires.

  • Professionally serve every listing (Brian Buffini)
  • Working with sellers (letter to the prospective seller, closing skills)
  • Setting seller lead appointments (establish value, the right questions to ask)
  • Personal growth video by Rob: How do I Win? (getting a reluctant client to close)
  • Creating and implementing a listing manual (how to prepare a home for sale)

In Week 7, we’ll tackle a frequently tricky issue, and that is resisting the temptation to take an overpriced listing. When a prospective seller client comes to us with a home they want to sell, sometimes they will put the selling price above what the home is truly worth, and that’s completely understandable, given their memories in that home. In this situation, we may, as responsible and high-quality agents, have to explain why a proposed list price may be too high. In this week, we will explain how to work through this situation in a productive manner.

  • Managing time and productivity (Brian Buffini)
  • Follow up with sellers who don’t sign a listing agreement (strategies, role-playing)
  • Personal growth video by Rob: What Could I Have Done Differently to Earn Your Trust?
  • Overcoming objections
  • Role-Playing: Seller Client Follow-Up for Listings Not Under Contract
  • Getting sellers to a sold home (Rob video: how to set the right price)
  • Personal growth video by Rob: How to Resist the Temptation of Taking an Overpriced Listing

Week 8 will cover another often tricky subject: helping clients discover what is truly in their best interest. A big part of this will be addressing our clients’ fears, beliefs they have that be utterly paralyzing during the entire process of buying or selling a home. As real estate agents, we sometimes have to straddle between the chairs of negotiator and armchair psychologist. This portion of the program will help you get to the roots of client fears and objections, and to truly identify what your client really needs out of the transaction.

  • Getting buyers off the fence (Brian Buffini)
  • Scripts for getting to “yes” (getting buyers off the fence, process of elimination dialogues)
  • How to nurture with “win” words
  • How to overcome reluctance & establish value (Rob video or blog: Add a Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Personal growth video from Rob: Keeping an organized schedule
  • Overcoming objections

In Week 9, we will explore how we can warm up cold clients and expand our databases. Growing our list of clients leads can sometimes be a daunting process. What we aim to do is to convince the prospective client of our value, and demonstrate our interest in building and maintaining an authentic relationship. We’re not merely contacting them for their money; we want to serve them and their interests to the highest degree. What we are aiming to do here is demonstrate that we are not merely another salesperson, but a servant.

  • The art of negotiation (Brian Buffini)
  • Past relationships revived (client appreciation parties, reconnect with old clients, asking for referrals)
  • For sale by owner (turning these into listings)
  • Open houses that get results (hosting an open house, follow up system)
  • Open house follow-up strategies (feedback form, survey, buyer follow up)
  • How to do short sales (dialogue, role play)
  • Sign-call follow up strategies

Week 10 will be all about showing your genuine and authentic self in a new frontier: social media. The Millennial generation is the first to be truly digital natives, they grew up in the dawn of the digital age and thrive in that environment. A thriving business will have a social media presence, and it is important that in the digital space, we convey the same value and messages we do in person. One important aspect of this is doing video, since many people are visual learners. In our video and social media posting, we have to display our authenticity, and we will delve into how to do exactly that.

  • Financial systems for the self-employed (Brian Buffini)
  • Overview of how to do social media
  • What’s your brand? (sphere of influence strategies, promote your brand on social media)
  • Facebook overview, getting started on Facebook, Facebook advertising
  • Email (getting the most out of time online, effective auto responders, online lead follow up calls)
  • Relating value online
  • Personal growth video by Rob: How to be your authentic self in video and social media

In Week 11, we will dive into one of the feature components of our jobs as realtors: being the person who makes other people’s lives easier. The art of being a real estate agent that truly connects like a member of the family will sometimes include doing things that are not necessarily within the scope of our profession. As the best real estate agents, we don’t limit our service to the buying and selling of homes, we go above and beyond. What separates the ordinary from the extraordinary is that something extra.

  • Financial systems for the self-employed (Brian Buffini)
  • Objectives when working with buyers and sellers
  • How to talk like a “transaction coordinator” (checklists for getting to a deal closing)
  • Going the extra mile, and staying motivated (doing extra things in service to the client)
  • Establishing a client connection (topics to talk about, hosting client parties)

Week 12 will be the wrap-up of our agent training program. During this week, we will focus on how the principles of consistency and discipline enable us to develop as individuals. This is where the program comes to its ultimate point, that in order to provide an excellent products and service, we ourselves must exercise excellence in the other areas of our lives. We will address how we can strive for excellence, and identify what things may be hindering us from developing personally and professionally.

  • How to stay on track (Brian Buffini)
  • Why personal development is critical to success (benefits of improving yourself)
  • Leadership starts from within (lead yourself well, stick to commitments)
  • Maintaining health, physical and mental
  • Avoiding the useless (staying focused on self-development)
  • Building and nurturing an identity
  • Personal growth video by Rob: Committing to Mastery
  • Video by Rob: The Six Personal Perspectives, Foundational Perspectives to Propel You to the Highest Level of Achievement
  • Video by Rob: Reflections, Blessings, Gratitude

I’m ecstatic that you’ve chosen to participate in this course. It is designed with your development in mind, to make you the most effective and trusted real estate agent you can possibly become. Like I mentioned at the start, this program is not merely going to teach superficial techniques and quick fixes. This is about development at the most fundamental levels of our personality, which will, in the long term, give a massive return on investment.

Rob Commodari
The Commodari Group of eXp Realty