WEEK 7: The Sell-Side of Real Estate, Part 2

This week, we're interested in productively managing our time, which increases our effectiveness. We will focus on finding a competitive advantage when it comes to bringing more contracts to close, and developing strategies for following up with sellers who don’t sign during the listing appointment, object to listing proposals, go dormant, or  become frustrated when a home is not selling.

  • Watch This: Follow-up Strategies

  • Role Playing

    • Follow-up phone call

    • At the Listing Appointment: Script from Rob:

      Do you know when you'll be ready to make a decision. If I don't hear from you in a week or two, is it OK to reach back out to you?"

    • Pop-By Role-Play

  • Watch This: What Could I Have Done Differently?

    What Could I Have Done Differently to Earn Your Trust and Business? This is the opportunity for the agent to learn how to be better and land more listings in the future. The story of the two sisters: I forgot to lay out the flow chart and bring the house buying Eguide. "You just gave me a great gift." (15 minutes)

  • Watch This: How to Work By Referral, Establishing Trust with Consumers; Working by Referral vs Word of Mouth (MInutes 0:00–15:00)

  • Watch This: Move from “E to P” (Entrepreneurial to Purposeful) (45:35 – 51:45)

  • Watch This: Guaranteeing a Sale: How to Set the Right Price (Rob video or blog)
    • Correct pricing is an equation: Closing sales price-seller help/property assessed value=ratio. How do you do this? Take the average ratios of all comps and apply a number to the assessed value of the subject property being sold. (~30 minutes?)
  • Read This: Seller Pricing Strategies: Getting Over 100 Percent 
  • Read This: Weekly Communication Dialogue 

Watch This: Do You Want to be Respected or Do You Want to be Liked?

What is BOLD?

  • How It Works: This class costs $800 for you to sign up. However, Rob splits the cost 50/50, and you will be reimbursed by the program on each of the first four deals you close.
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Schedule This: Weekly Accountability Check-ins

  • Check-Ins are generally 15-30 minutes long. During this time we will review your understanding of this week's course material, review your goal numbers, and discuss any challenges you are facing.